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The Painted Turtle Guesthouse has set-up a new amenity in the Guesthouse for guests and the community!
The following Titles are currently available, with more to come.
The Referral Engine > http://referralenginebook.com/john-jantsch/
Excelerate > http://www.consulttci.com/Book_reviews/excelerate.html
The Now Revolution > http://nowrevolutionbook.com/
Briefcase Moms > http://www.amazon.ca/Briefcase-Moms-Practices-Balance-Working/dp/0973456000
Think Better > http://www.timhurson.com/thinkbetter.php
The Lean Startup > http://theleanstartup.com/
The Startup Owner's Manual > http://www.amazon.ca/The-Startup-Owners-Manual-Step-By-Step/dp/0984999302
How to Win Friend and Influence People > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_to_Win_Friends_and_Influence_People
The Power of Tact > http://www.peterlegge.com/bookstore/the-power-of-tact
Google+ for Business > http://www.chrisbrogan.com/gplusbook/
Creating Money > http://www.amazon.com/Creating-Money-Attracting-Abundance-Sanaya/dp/1932073221
The Dirt on Success > http://www.raymatthews.ca/what-we-do-mentoring.html
Startup Communities > http://www.amazon.ca/Startup-Communities-Building-Entrepreneurial-Ecosystem/dp/1118441540
Details on how to participate below;
1. Anyone that comes on site wishing to view books or take books out of the library need to be signed in/out on our Sign In Sheet for Non-Registered Guests.

2. Please take them up to the meeting room to show them the books available, or if familiar they can go themselves.  Of course, take the opportunity to talk up the Great Room & Meeting Room.

3. All 'lenders' must fill out their personal LOANER card ONCE ONLY - they are in the recipe box beside the front desk monitor.  Required info is name, email, phone and VISA/MC (with a note that if they do not return the book after 45 days they will be charged for the book assuming they have chosen to keep it!).

4. Taking out a book - When someone brings a book to reception for signing out, please take out the card at the back of the book and file it in the recipe box in alphabetical order of AUTHOR LAST NAME.  We have also designed up some bookmarks - also kept in the recipe box.  Please mark the return date for the book for 45 days (or six weeks), then place the bookmark in the back of the book.  Lender can happily take the book away!

5. Renewals - no problem extending their return date if they phone in and let us know.  The bookmark has this information on it.  If you get a renewal, please edit the date out on the BOOK CARD so we don't charge them prematurely for books!

6. Returns - When a book comes back, please encourage readers to add their name to the READER LIST also at the front or back of each book (optional), and thank the lender for the return!  That is all they need to do.  Then please take out the book card from the recipe book place it in the envelope at the back of the book, mark the date returned, then return the book to the shelf upstairs. 
7. Donations - We accept donations for new and gently read books for the lending library.  They must be books that are targeted to students or small business success.  Books must be modern/contemporary (e.g. within the previous 3 years) OR they must be timeless classics (e.g. How to Win Friends & Influence People, Dale Carnegie).  If someone drops off a book for donation for the lending library, please:
i) record the name/organizations of who donated the book;
ii) have Angie approve for circulation;

iii) then pass onto Sarah to prepare the book for the library.