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Well, the holidays have come and gone, and like most people, I need to get my fitness back on track! This year’s resolution is to get fit. Well, it’s usually every New Years resolution, but this year for sure! All the cookies, desserts, turkey…..not so good for the figure! Luckily we have a lot of outdoor activities to choose from here in Nanaimo!


If you are into walking, which I’ll admit, I am, there is the Nanaimo Waterfront, where you can grab a friend and go on a leisurely stroll. Add in that hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate and it makes for a great workout! You can also grab a Nanaimo Bar or other goodie, but that might defeat the purpose of exercising, but they are oh so good!


For the more, shall I say, dedicated health nut, there are many trails to make you sweat. Bowen Park, close to the Painted Turtle Guesthouse in downtown Nanaimo, has a full circuit you can train on.  Finish your work out with a good game of Frisbee Golf, to wind down the day. Another option is the Parkway trail. It is 20km of paved track that stretches all along Nanaimo following the Nanaimo Parkway. Some of the parks on the trail or near the trail include the Colliery Dam Park, Northfield Park, Brannen Lake and Buttertubs Marsh.


So grab some runners, probably an umbrella, and most definitely a warm coat, and get out and get moving! Explore Nanaimo! And while you’re out and about come in and say HI to us at the Painted Turtle!

By: Katie- Front Desk and Your Host at Painted Turtle Guesthouse